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Build Security Awareness Into Our DNA

With good reason, we often are amazed by our human body’s complexity and delicate immune mechanisms in place to protect from outside attacks. We are left to wonder how this built-in mechanism has evolved, and how we can take this evolutionary approach into building our cyber defense. We live in a digital time of continuous innovative technologies, worlds divided between the virtual and the physical presence, and the increasing integration of the two. New and revolutionary technologies have brought conveniences and efficiencies to our lives, while simultaneously presenting threats in security. 

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Industry Events

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“Our world would be in a significantly better place if we could all collaborate towards the same positive value proposition. However, this is more of an ideal state of mind than a reality, even though we all strive to synchronize. In this process, we aim to be the bridge — connecting, facilitating, and advising. Stay true to connecting the many dots.”

Sunny Sun (Founder, Managing Director)