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2024 RSAC’s Sandbox’s Finalists

    By Sunny Sun

    Sandbox has been the annual highlight of the RSA conference, also kick off the 3 days RSA
    event. Innovation is key for the industry to continue its momentum of adoption, growth, and
    evolution, acting as new nourishment to boost the energy of the cyberspace ecosystem. There
    is no exception to this year’s 10 outstanding startups.

    According to Paul Kocher, Security Researcher and Entrepreneur and ISB judge. These 10
    companies collectively have already raised over $486M dollars coming from over 20 unique
    firms, such as Forge Point, Greylock, Ten Eleven Ventures, YL Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Menlo
    Ventures, Cyberstarts. And “The volume of cybersecurity financings actually increased by more
    than 20% relative to 2019, with no slowdown in sight”, said Dino Boukouris, Managing Director
    at Momentum Cyber.

    The area of innovations is in security risk and compliance, zero trust network access,
    democratizing fraud alerts, cloud infrastructure security, data security protection, encrypted
    learning, SecDevOps infrastructure platform, and universal data access services. 

    Abnormal Security
    Abnormal Security is a cloud-native email security platform employing behavioral data science
    to shield enterprises from advanced email threats that evade detection by secure email
    gateways. With seamless deployment to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in just one click,
    it provides instant results.

    Apiiro is a Code Risk Platform™ offering comprehensive risk visibility throughout the
    development process, spanning from design to code to cloud. It provides a 360° view of security
    and compliance risks across applications, infrastructure, open-source code, developer
    experience, and business impact.

    Axis Security
    Axis Security’s Application Access Cloud offers a streamlined, zero-trust approach to application
    access, eliminating the need for VPNs, VDIs, network changes, or agents on each device.

    Cape Privacy
    Cape Privacy is a global encrypted learning platform enabling secure collaboration on machine
    learning models without exposing proprietary or sensitive data. With privacy protected bydefault, companies can share data with external parties to enhance data models and drive
    business value.

    Deduce empowers businesses with identity-based threat intelligence combating account
    takeover, data leaks, and identity fraud, powered by a vast consumer data network with over
    150,000 websites and a billion daily authenticated user events,

    Open Raven
    Open Raven is a cloud-native data platform designed to restore visibility and control of data
    lakes and warehouses. Tailored for security and cloud teams, it simplifies data governance tasks
    such as inventory and classification while automating security measures like preventing data
    leaks and ensuring compliance.

    Satori, a DataSecOps company, offers data access, security, and privacy solutions for modern
    data infrastructure. Through Satori’s Universal Data Access Service, companies can adopt
    DataOps, streamline data access, and automate entitlements, classification, and security.

    Strata provides identity orchestration for distributed, multi-cloud identity. The Maverics
    Platform enables enterprises to unify on-premises and cloud-based authentication and access
    systems for consistent identity management in multi-cloud environments. Strata is led by the
    co-authors of SAML.

    Wabbi provides scalable application security infrastructure for DevOps teams, eliminating the
    need for enterprises to choose between agility and security.

    Wiz secures cloud infrastructure at scale, offering security teams the simplicity, visibility, and
    risk insights necessary to stay ahead.

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