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Innovation Holds the Key to Success

    I am honored to be invited as one of the judges from the cybersecurity industry committee for the 2022 Beijing Cybersecurity Conference Sandbox Competition, held on July 27 th in Beijing. Like RSAC sandbox, there are 10 finalists selected among the 50 innovative startups, and the ten finalists will be given a 5 mins presentation for their innovative solutions to the industry experts and investors, and 5 mins of Q&As by the judging committee members. The companies will be evaluated and scored based on the criterions of innovation, market potentials, and
    composition of the team, and the winners will be chosen in the end, from the highest overall scores, as well as the highest scores from market potentials and the team’s build up.

    It was an eye-opening experience for me to see the innovative momentum from China. I have been to RSAC Sandbox many years, one of the must-attend sessions at RSAC reporting the competition but never participated in one. I feel I always learned something valuable from these innovative companies and hold my respect and admiration toward these young entrepreneurs who set off their adventurous journey and deep dive themselves into the cyber universe searching for the best possible solutions.

    This Beijing event participation was held in-person for domestic audiences and online streaming from oversea participation. I logged in the session via Voov, the similar, or say the almost identical zoom version of the online meeting platform, developed by Tencent, mostly used in Mainland China. It was 11:00 PM PST time zone, going through 2:00 AM mid-night, and I had to fight back my usual circadian rhythm, stayed alert to absorb in all presentations from these ten companies, and what and how they position themselves in the cyber eco-system.

    The innovative ten companies are the following:

    AneSec Technology is a cloud-native security offers a full life cycle of modern cloud-native
    applications, focusing on providing self-adaptive endogenous security solutions via machine
    learning. It uses container images, container runtime anomaly detection, micro-service leak
    scanning, container process detection, and network micro-isolation.

    Beijing Boundary X Technology Co., Ltd. is the creator of “smart and intelligent” security
    concept of China’s cloud and application security. Boundaryx launched the RASP full-stack
    cloud security protection platform – Jing-Yun-Jia, to help users build a security infrastructure
    system during the cloud-native era putting its “Smart and Intelligent” concept in practice for an
    active defense.

    Beijing Chian Technology is an emerging network security company, which has received tens of
    millions of investments from many well-known venture capital institutions such as IDG, Jinsha
    River and Perfect World. The company’s goal is to provide products and services and become a
    reliable security partner and continue to help customers develop its security capability.

    Horntech is a solution/service provider focusing on providing data security for enterprise
    customers. The service focuses on data governance solutions driven by security compliance,
    using scenario-based capability and machine learning capabilities to integrate data governance
    and data security management.

    The company was co-founded by Professor Wang Shuang, an expert in privacy computing and
    Dr. Zheng Hao, an expert in the bio-information AI industry. The company’s mission is
    “connecting the value of data to be the guardian of privacy and security”. In practice, it delivers
    the values ​​of “unity of knowledge and action, perfection, pioneering and innovation” to achieve
    the goal of “lighting up the ‘digital earth’ and empower a better life. Most of the team
    members come from the world’s top 500 companies such as IBM, Google, and Thermo Fisher.

    Beijing Fangyan Juxing Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Qinglian Cloud) was established in 2016. The core team is from Qihoo 360 and has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and service of enterprise-level security products and large-scale cloud computing platforms. Relying on years of offensive and defensive experience in the field of network security and complete R&D experience in intelligent hardware products, Qinglian Cloud seamlessly integrates “security” and “business” to provide enterprises with an end-to-end IoT security overall

    Hailong Technology Co., Ltd. is an information security service provider for governments and
    enterprises. It provides information security flagship products for customer groups in different
    fields with professional technology and high-quality services.

    Guangdong Weichen Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Weichen”) was
    established in 2016 and is positioned as a product and service provider of smart car network
    security and data security. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to
    becoming a trusted partner of the automotive industry leading the Internet of Vehicles network
    security standards, products and services with the corporate vision of “making equipment more
    credible and achieving a better future”.

    Snow Technology, the full name of “Beijing Snow Technology Co., Ltd.”, is a professional digital
    security product and service provider in China. Founded in August 2021, it has obtained data
    from well-known investment institutions such as Jiyuan Capital and Chenhui Venture Capital.
    With tens of millions of RMB in financing, the founding team brings together many senior
    security technology experts from first-line security firms such as 360, Qi Anxin, Tencent, and
    Alibaba. Its mission is to build the “Great Wall of the North” for network security protection,
    and protect core digital assets such as application systems and business data.
    Hangzhou Yige Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on technological innovation since its
    establishment, committed to creating zero-trust network security solutions for enterprises. The
    core members are from the Alibaba Cloud security team, with more than 15 years of experience
    in network security and Internet SaaS service operations. So far, the company has served more
    than 100,000+ enterprises and built multiple billion-level security product lines.

    The company that took the crown was Vecentek. They signed up a Letter of Intent, with QAX
    for 20 million RMB investment right after the winning. The company provides deCore LINK
    (digital keys), Mobile APP, and service platform for the automobile industry, setting its foot into
    the ever-growing electric car market.

    Anemic won the best innovative award, Qinglianyun won the best award for most market
    potentials, and Eegleyun won the award for the best team.

    The 10 finalists selected were among the fifty companies and twenty-two different
    cybersecurity categories, and this detailed category division indicates the growing maturity of
    the industry with more focused specification. Among the 50 startups that entered the race, 19
    companies are focused on software supply chain security, data privacy and security, SASE and
    zero trust, in line with the global security development trends. Meanwhile, with the China’s
    growth in 5G, electric car, and IOT has also become the cybersecurity’s innovation focus.

    From the latest published article “China Cybersecurity Market Analysis and Enterprise
    Competitive Studies in 2022”, the market size for cybersecurity is about 614 billion RMB (90.73
    billions in USD), 15.4% increase from 2021, and forecast to be consistently growing with 15%
    for the next three years. The market scale is to expect to reach 1000 billion RBM (148 billion
    USD) in 2024. In the area of start-ups innovation from the past five years, it shows most
    companies focus on the cloud security (24%), data security (20%), software security (18%), and
    identity (16%).

    “Find your path, stick to it, and just keep moving no matter what, and eventually you will reach
    to the shore, where the oasis is, the place will offer you the environment to nurture and grow”,
    remarked by the VP of QAX Mr. Chen Hua Ping, when he concluded the event.

    In conclusion, the innovations in the cyberspace from china come strong and more young
    talents are entering into this space to bring new ideas with their creative thinking minds. Let’s stay tuned for more innovations and more avenues to explore, all in for a better future to come.

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